Job Role: 

Computer Security Specialists plan, coordinate, and implement security measures for information systems to regulate access to computer data files and prevent unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure of information.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing plans and monitoring data usage to safeguard data and computer files against accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs.
  • Conferring with users to discuss issues such as computer data access needs, security violations, and programming changes.
  • Monitoring current reports of computer viruses to determine when to update virus protection systems.
  • Performing risk assessments and execute tests of data processing system to ensure functioning of data processing activities and security measures.
  • Encrypting data transmissions and erecting firewalls to conceal confidential information as it is being transmitted and to keep out tainted digital transfers.
  • Documenting computer security and emergency measures policies, procedures, and tests.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills required for troubleshooting problems and effectively interacting with clients.

Recommended Education:

  • Technical certifications
  • Computer programming experience
  • 2-year technical school degree or Associate’s Degree in computer science or related subject
  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science (or other fields)

What to Expect:

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2008-09, demand for computer security specialists will grow as businesses and government continue to invest heavily in “cyber security,” protecting vital computer networks and electronic infrastructures from attack. The information security field is expected to generate many new system administrator jobs over the next decade as firms across all industries place a high priority on safeguarding their data and systems.

Security Specialists that have specific knowledge on wireless networking and cyber-space management are in demand in today’s technology driven businesses. Security Specialists who keep up on their skills, education and certifications will have the best career options.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Systems Administrator
  • Security Administrator
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • Computer SConsultant