Job Role:

Systems or Enterprise Developers, also known as Systems Architects, solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the individual needs of an organization. They plan and develop new computer systems or devise ways to apply existing systems for business solutions.

Systems Developers utilize techniques such as structure analysis, data modeling, information engineering, mathematical model building, sampling and cost accounting.

Recommended Education:

  • Associate’s Degree in computer science or related subject
  • Two- Year Technical school degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or information systems
  • Technical certifications

What to Expect:

A large number of Systems or Enterprise Developers are employed as consultants on a temporary basis. Specific technical expertise and knowledge are valuable and marketable assets.

Systems developers who keep up on their skills, education and elearning will have the best opportunity for a wide range of career options.

Systems developers have careers in various industries such as government, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, data processing, finance, insurance and other information industries.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Systems Programmer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Developer
  • Computer Systems Designer
  • Computer Consultant