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How to Start a Career in IT – 5 Easy Steps

Thinking of starting a career in IT? Don’t hesitate any longer – just do it! Starting a new career shouldn’t be a hassle; it should be the most exciting time for you to finally turn all of those dreams of a better life into reality.

Careers in IT continue to top the list of high paying jobs, and more and more people are realizing that IT contains the American dream most are searching for. It’s a field where people can grow and specialize in something they truly love doing. Many people would say IT is running our world, and without it, we wouldn’t enjoy many of the things we use everyday!

So with that said – let’s explore what you need to do to start a career in information technology, in 5 simple steps.

STEP NO. 1 – Identify skills you may already possess for an IT position

Think about it, you probably already have some sort of background or skills with technology, right? Do you have a computer? A smartphone? Do you play video games, surf the web, etc? If you do any of these things you already know some of the basic functions of technology. The trick is figuring out what path you want to go down and then taking advantage of those skills you already have.

STEP NO. 2 – Create a list of potential IT work you might be interested in

Are you creative or more technical, or both? Make a list of your interests and start breaking that down into different IT job functions. For instance if you like designing things, maybe graphic design or software design is right for you. If you like video games or games on the computer, maybe game testing is right for you. There are many potential IT job functions that could easily fit your likes.

STEP NO. 3 – Complement any self-taught skills with a few online IT courses

The more training you have, the more money you will most likely make. While experience means a lot, putting some training courses/education you have completed on your resume will get you more money. However, there are some entry-level jobs people with little education can get.

STEP NO. 4 – Look into getting professional IT certifications

Whether or not you have a degree, obtaining some fundamental certifications will help you on the road to getting hired within your chosen IT career field.

STEP NO. 5 – Find a mentor that will nurture you into your IT career

Find that person who will take you under their wing and help you launch a career in IT. Many IT folks love to assist people and finding that one who will help you grow is essential. Find someone who is already established in the field and understands what it takes to be successful. Surround yourself with people who are more skilled than you and then be a sponge. Absorb everything you can and continue to ask questions and learn.


These are high-level steps to consider as you prepare for your career. If you are looking for more details or more information on how to start a career in IT feel free to give us a call – 888.840.2378!

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